It’s almost the end of February already. Yes, you read that correctly. You’re still in your corporate career dreaming of building a profitable service-based business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you desire, but you’re stuck in a career that you do not love, you can’t bring yourself to search for another job because that’s not what you really want. You desire to build your dream business but you don’t know where to start, in fact, you wish there was someone out there who could tell you exactly which steps you need to take in order to turn your dream into a reality. That’s what I am here for and I have a question for you. Do you want to make 2016 the year you finally create your dream business and leave your corporate career forever? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to turn this dream into a reality, even the things that will make you feel uncomfortable? If so, I want to challenge or should I say, dare you to create your dream business in five days. Yes, it is possible to go from Zero to Business in five days, and I have created a 5 days challenge where I will take you through the necessary steps in order for you to turn this dream into a reality, and it starts on Monday, 29th February and you can join anytime. –> Join the challenge!


In this complimentary 5-Day Create Your Dream Business Challenge together we will design your very own profitable service-based business that attracts your dream clients. Together we will put a plan in place so you can start making money, package and position your ideas in a way that is irresistible to your ideal clients by focusing on adding value, and bring you closer to finally leaving your nine to five. This challenge will provide you will the tools and resources and connect you will a community of amazing like-minded women just like you, who are taking actionable steps towards creating their dream businesses.


The Details:

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from this Complimentary 5-Day Create Your Dream Business Challenge:


The first day will start off with you gaining clarity around what you really want out of life and the type of business you dream of creating, this is usually much easier than you think. This first day forms a platform for your dream business. This is a step many first time entrepreneurs skip. They go straight into the planning and implementation without giving any clear thought to the type of lifestyle they want to create. This is crucial because the last thing you want to create is a replica of your corporate career.


On the second day, you and I will focus on getting clear on your business idea. The majority of aspiring entrepreneurs who daydream of quitting their corporate jobs actually know the type of business and life they want, but they dismiss their dreams with logical reasons such as, ‘I don’t have enough experience’ or ‘I don’t have all of the information I need’ or even, ‘I don’t have the right resources’ and ‘I don’t have the money.’ These excuses come from your limiting beliefs and during the second day you and I will focus on pushing through all of these reasons and create a clear picture of the type of business you want to create.


On the third day, you and I will focus on defining your target market and gaining clarity around your ideal client and their biggest struggles.


Following on from that, together you and I will focus on creating your first service-based programme that will appeal to and attract your ideal clients.


On day five, I will guide you through the necessary steps you need to take to get visible and grow your business with ease.


If you are ready to take action and start creating your dream business and would love to join the challenge then all you need to do is register using the form below, simply enter your name and email address below and you will be included in the challenge. All that’s required is to commit to setting aside 30 minutes to an hour every day to take action and show up and you will be surrounded by other amazing like-minded women who desire to turn their dreams into daily actionable steps. Together you and I will beat procrastination, indecision, and that feeling of being stuck, through gaining clarity and taking action.


Today, choose to stop waiting, hoping, wishing, and embrace the clarity that comes with taking action and sign up for the 5-Day Create your Dream Business Challenge.


With love,
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