‘Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’

– Abraham Lincoln

1. Gratitude

The most successful people make gratitude a habitual way of being. Be grateful for everything you have including the things you want in your life; gratitude makes you happy. Its benefits are two-fold, gratitude is like a magnet, and it attracts more things to be grateful for and also opens your mind by giving you a new perspective.

‘Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.’

– Jack Canfield

2. Think Positive Thoughts.

The key to thinking positive thoughts is two-fold. Firstly, challenge all negative and unhelpful thoughts that do not help you.

‘Change your thoughts and you change your world.’

– Norman Vincent Peale

3. Follow Your Bliss.

Do the things that make you happy, not just recreationally but also in your career. If you are going to spend 40 hours or more a week on a career, it makes sense to choose something that brings you joy. I am not saying shy away from hard work, choose a career that you want to get up for every morning. It’s never too late to make a change. What brings you joy?

4. Treat Your Body Like a Temple.

Give your body the attention it deserves. Fuel your body with nutritious whole organic food, avoid heavily processed or prepared meals. I am not saying do not treat yourself occasionally but start seeing food as fuel for your body. You wouldn’t fill your car up with bad quality petrol or gas, would you?

5. Make Exercise Your Best Friend.

Treating your body like a temple includes exercising daily. Exercise has multiple benefits including better cardiovascular system, supplies a rush of endorphins, which gives you a feeling of exhilaration, self-confidence and more success in your love life. You only have one body, treat it like a temple.

6. Start Your Day Right.

Begin each day with a few personal development techniques. Start your day, the moment you wake up, visualising your life goals as already achieve, focus upon what you life will look like and how you will feel. Start a gratitude journal, write down seven things you are grateful for; for example I am truly grateful that I am healthy and full of energy. Use affirmations daily, I am statement’s that are in line which who you want to be and the life goals you want to achieve; for example I am celebrating feeling light and alive at my perfect body weight of one hundred and twenty pounds. Visualising, gratitude and daily affirmations enable you to keep in line with your goals and give you the confidence to take action to achieve your goals. This technique leaves you feeling empowered and motivated.

7. End Your Day Right.

End each day with a few personal development techniques. Before you go to bed, practice your daily affirmations, and visualise as well as asking yourself three questions. What are three amazing things that happened today? How could I make today better? By asking yourself these two questions, enables you to reflect upon your day by exercising gratitude and learning from any failures or mistakes. Lastly, ask yourself, what will make tomorrow great? Mentally prepare the next day; this will enable you to be more focused and motivated for the next day. A sense of happiness can be drawn from a productive day.

8. Be Present

It is futile to spend your time reflecting upon the past unless you intend to not repeat it. The past is unchangeable and your future is a direct result of the actions you take today. Do not dwell upon the past you have a brand new day, each morning, so start each day with a clean slate. Learn from the past and embrace the present, so that you can succeed in the future and create a life you love.

9. Be Honest

Be honest, sincere and polite. Lies bring trouble. Decide to be known as a trustworthy, this trait is essential to having integrity. Most importantly be honest from a place of love as opposed to being brutally honest.

10. Choose Your Friends Wisely.

The most important decision we make is who we choose to be around, we become like the people we are around.  An old proverb says, ‘show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’ It’s as equally important to consider whether, they encourage you to pursue your dreams. Are they encouraging or are they negative? A negative person is more likely to unintentionally hinder you dreams. When people are saying ‘you can’t do that’ they actually mean ‘I can’t’ and speak from their own experiences. Do not let anyone stand in the way of you becoming the best possible version of yourself and creating a life you love; life is too short.

11. Learn to Trust Your Intuition.

Learn to accurately discern between your thoughts and your intuition. That small feeling inside you, that tells you something is not quite right. Spend some time each day in silence listen for a feeling that tells you to do something. It’s not like reasoning or thought where it can be tracked, for example, one thought leads to another. By not listening to my intuition, I have unnecessarily put myself in situations that were not necessary.

12. Be Motivated by Love

Let love be in and the reason for your every action. Bring love into every aspect of your life, as you go through your day, wish something kind upon strangers you see, send your loved ones mental, “I love you”. Be sure you’re acting out of love by monitoring your thoughts and actions. This sounds a little corny, but there is an amazing feeling that comes from doing this and be warned, it’s addictive.

13. Smile

Smiling is the most natural way to force yourself to be happy, whenever your smile, your brain is releasing serotonin, the happy hormone. It’s not possible to smile and not feel happy. Do you struggle with mornings? Try this tomorrow morning or even now, smile for five minutes straight, this will get you in a good mood for the day. Happiness leads to smiling and smiling leads to happiness.

14. Relinquish Your Right to Get Even

Revenge serves no one, in fact, it leaves you with an empty void; so, relinquish your right to get even. Choose forgiveness, it’s the harder but more freeing and satisfying option.

15. Travel.

Traveling is one of the most exciting and life-changing activities that you can do. There’s something about observing different cultures and trying new things, which enables you to become more open-minded. I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne to London; these new environments had positive repercussions upon my life, I know who I am and I’ve discovered my life’s purpose. I am happier now than I have ever been.

‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.’

– Saint Augustine

16.  Go for a Walk.

I love walking, it’s the perfect way to hit the reset button and get back into a positive frame of mind. There’s something about being in nature and exercising as well as being present, that becomes the perfect cure for angry, depressed and unmotivated feelings or to get you through an emotional situation.

17. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses we are all individuals. Do not compare or hold yourself to the standards of others. If you fall into the comparison trap, you will fall short. Start seeing yourself as an individual with something unique to contribute

18. Don’t Take Life Too Seriously.

Learn to laugh at the little things, especially your failures or mistakes; be thankful for the opportunity to learn and to better yourself. Do the things that make you happy, life should be a balance between hard work and pleasure.

19. Make Some Rules for Yourself

Are you reading this list thinking, ‘these are great ideas’? Use a few of the tips that resonate within you and apply them as rules, until they become habitual ways of being.

20. Stop Being a Control Freak.

Control the things that are within your power to control and accept what you cannot control; be wise enough to know the difference.

21. Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is a choice as well as an attitude that develops over time. If you are going to be successful in creating a life you love, you need to believe in yourself and your ability to make it happen.

‘Believe in your own value, and every good thing in life will follow.’

– Matthew Hussey


With love,

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