Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to achieve their goals and get what they want, while you fail to get started? Have you always wanted to know their secrets? It is often beneficial to look back at why you are failing in order to make necessary changes, to move forward and achieve your goals. Looking back isn’t about focusing upon negative experiences but to see where you can make improvements to grow and reach your potential. 

As you go through the short list, I want you to relate them back to your current circumstances. Ask yourself, which of these is most applicable to me? You will most certainly find that each of these will be applicable to you in some small way, and one roadblock being a more obvious obstacle.


No Clear Vision

Have you ever been at a crossroad in your life? A place where you struggle to make a decision about what you really want. Unfortunately, some people permanently park at a crossroads, instead of spending a moment to decide what it is they really want. They jump from career to career, relationship to relationship, never finding what they are searching for; this is their norm.

I too have been guilty of living at the crossroads. I have jumped from career to career, never satisfied or able to maintain interest or motivation. It wasn’t until I reached my late twenties, that I started asking myself a few very obvious but nonetheless crucial questions; why am I never satisfied? What do I really want out of life? I realised that without a clear vision for where I was going, I would continue to be dissatisfied and simply coasted along in life.

A life vision is a map, without this map you will fail to reach your destination, but before the map can be utilised to its fullest capacity, a destination must be decided upon, your current location must be determined, and only then can you start plotting your course.

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No Clear Implemented Strategy

Do you have a vision for your life but are not making any progress toward achieving it? Are you in the same place you were 6 months ago? It’s of vital importance to know how you are going to achieve your vision; to know exactly how you are going to map out your course from where you are to where you want to be.

So many people start off with a vision of how the want their life to be but do not know how to achieve it, and, as a result, end up listening to all of the well-meaning advice that comes their way. No matter what your vision is, whether you want to be a successful entrepreneur or a YouTube star, without a clear strategy your vision will always be a distant dream. To turn fantasy into reality, you need to establish a set of habits, daily routines, and steps to follow that serve your vision. Without this crucial step, you will be nothing more than one of life’s talkers.

If you’re struggling to take action and start implementing a strategy, ask yourself, how have other people achieved a similar goal? If your goal is to be an entrepreneur, start researching how others have started out. All you have to do is make small baby steps towards dream or vision. Ask yourself, what can do I daily that will bring me closer towards my goal?


A Lack of Self Confidence

What do you say to people when they ask you, what are you doing with your life? How do you respond? Do you say I’m sort of a film director or I’m sort of an entrepreneur? Do you hesitate or even struggle to answer? All of these ‘I’m sort of a’, fail to instil confidence in the people around you, and quite often become a barrier and allow people to not take you seriously but more importantly they are evidence of a lack of confidence.

You can get everything else right, but fail because you didn’t believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, how can you market your products to other people? You can know how you want your business to be like, you can have a clear plan of action where you are implementing daily strategy and still fail to market your products; without, a healthy belief in yourself, you are just wasted potential, you sit on the sidelines, filled with fear unable to take action. This roadblock to success can often be the scariest. In fact, it is the number one reason why people fail to achieve their dreams, not because they do not have the potential; it’s because they hold themselves back, through their own disbelief.

Are you struggling with self-confidence? The quickest and most effective way to build up your self-confidence is to look back over all of the mini goals you have successfully achieved that got you to where you are now, each of those goals was originally an obstacle all varying in size from small to large, and overcoming these obstacles has brought about growth. Keep a record of these goals and your successes in a journal, and look back on them whenever you need a boost of self-belief. Everyone has bad days, moments when you do not have it all together, but do not let these moments become your new norm.


Loss of Motivation

Striving toward a vision for your life is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint. During the initial stages of setting a vision and strategic implementation, we all feel that spark of excitement, a burst of motivation, but as the reality of hard work sets in, and all motivation is lost. Everyone has had moments in life where they felt motivated; in fact, motivation is easy to find, the real problem is sustaining it. Motivation can come and go as often or as infrequent as an English summer’s day.

The easiest way to sustain motivation is to chunk down your goals into bites sized portions with intermediate targets and rewards, in other words, knowing that you have a daily goal or task has a way of igniting your motivational drive so that you can get through tasks and achieve a much larger goal. Have you ever noticed how creating a to-do list and setting a short-term deadline, motivates you to complete the majority if not all, of the list?


A lack of Resources

Even after all of the previous four roadblocks have been overcome, people will still come up with their excuses, and more often than not, the majority of the time, people believe they do not have the appropriate resources to achieve their goals. Everyone who has achieved his or her goals has had to overcome the lack of resources hurdle. Time, money, experience, intelligence, knowing the right people, living in the right part of town, are all barriers that come between us and our goals.

In order to overcome this obstacle, you must be prepared to adopt the attitude of a lifelong learner. A lifelong learner is constantly looking for ways to education and to better themselves; I am certainly not suggesting to limit what you can learn in a classroom setting; read books, do short courses, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos by experts or people who have achieved similar goals that you are striving toward.

Ask yourself, the following questions and seek the answers in your life long learning journey:

  • How do I acquire the resources that are essential to my success?
  • How can I make the most of the resources I already have?

The resources you don’t have are usually used as an excuse, and form a barrier for your success; for instance, you can set up a website for as little as £100. You do not need expensive graphic designs, at first, as your business grows you may choose to upgrade. Focus on what you need to get started.


Implementing a clear vision, implementing a strategic plan of action, building your self-confidence, sustaining motivation by focusing upon bite-sized tasks, and seeking out resources through developing an attitude of a lifelong learner, are the keys to reaching your potential, becoming more successful, as well as achieving your life vision.

As always, insight without action is futile. Which one of these tips do you plan on putting into practice this week? Or do you have insights on your experience with overcoming the roadblocks to success? Please let me know by using the comments box below. Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting with such kindness and enthusiasm.

With love,

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