Are you in a nine to five that you don’t love while dreaming of your escape to live life as an entrepreneur with a successful service-based business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you desire? This period of time is often plagued with a limbo state where you feel fulfilled in your downtime as you create your business and you don’t love or appreciate where you are at in your nine to five. I know exactly how you feel. I left my job in finance in September 2015 and it was the most exciting day of my life other than working with my first ever client and meeting my amazing man, Roland. When I first made the decision to build my second coaching business, I started to feel like I wasn’t making a difference in the way that I wanted in my nine to five, and I felt trapped and felt I had no room to grow in the way I desired; this was no way a reflection of the company or industry where I was working. I had simply discovered what gave me passion and purpose and I felt like I was stuck in a limbo state where I wasn’t having the impact in the way I desired. I soon realised that I need to change my mindset and if I was going to succeed I needed to find a way to love where I was as I continued to build and grow my dream business. So, how do you love where you are as you build your dream business?


The Magical Power of Gratitude

One of the ways you can start loving your nine to five is to start with adopting a gratitude practice with a difference. When most people incorporate a gratitude practice into their life they start by listing all of the things they are grateful for, and this is great if you’ve never done this before. Gratitude is amazing because it allows you to shift your focus to the amazing things you already have in your life and is an instant mindset shifter. The key to getting more out of your gratitude practice and to start to love where you’re at is to focus all of your gratitude practice on one thing, in this case, it’s your nine to five and to explain why you are grateful for this.


It’s Time to Take Action.

Within the next 24 hours, I want you to set aside time out of your day to focus on why you are grateful for your nine to five. Consider how it is benefiting you right now. Focus on the positives it brings to your life. You may not love the politics, the tasks you do, and you may not have the freedom you desire but right now it’s funding your dreams, and that’s so important while your business is still in its infancy. I want you to list five reasons why you are grateful for your job and include this practice in your morning routine before you go to work.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

Instead of… ‘I am so happy and grateful for my job’, try this…

• I am so happy and grateful for my job because it funds my business as I build and grow it.

• I am grateful for the amazing people I am able to connect with on a daily basis because of my place of work.

• I am so happy and grateful for my job because I can see first-hand how a business is managed and marketed from the inside.

• I am so happy and grateful for my job because it is situated near a beautiful park where I love to spend my lunch hour.

• I am so happy and grateful for my job because it allows me to indulge in a few of life’s little luxuries, such as high-end makeup brands.


The Results

After I did this gratitude practice one day after work during my commute I had a sudden shift in my mindset. I stopped focusing on my low for the industry wage and my less than inspiring tasks. Suddenly, I enjoyed going to work. I looked forward to chatting and getting to know my colleagues and had lunch with them in Hyde Park. I also started to make a better use of my downtime and started to appreciate my salary. I grabbed every opportunity to work and grow my business while balancing my day job. While I still had bad days and I did forget to include this a few times in my morning routine, it overall helped me to adjust my attitude and allowed me to focus on being the best possible version of myself both at work and as I built and grew my business. My managers and co-workers even noticed the difference in my outlook.

Actionable Steps:

  • Incorporate this gratitude practice into your daily routine first thing every morning
  • Keep note of how you are feeling over the next 30-days. Doing this will make it easier for you to see the results and the progress you are making.


As always, I have to ask: why are you grateful for your nine to five? or do you have any tips about loving where you are at that you would love share below. Now, I want to hear from you. Let me know by sharing your story and thoughts in the comments box below.

With love,

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Amelia Hay

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