Science has made a significant contribution to our modern culture from climate and environmental issues to modern medicine; what about love? Does science have the answer for everything? Can you use science to find your Soul Mate? Can love be created in a lab?

In the month of February and in tune with the theme of Valentines Day, BBC Three launched a new show titled ‘The Year of Making Love’; the show is based on an experiment led by Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, an international expert in personality profiling and psychometric testing and behavioural psychologist, Emma Kenny. The show starts off with Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic explaining that he believes that millions of people are single because they are hooked on romantic notions that involve the idea that there is one perfect person out there for you; he explains that potentially there are a few possibilities and by using personality profiling will enable you to find your perfect matches. The experiment is designed to prove that science can aid you in finding a life partner. Can compatibility testing alone help you find a suitable match?

Throughout the series, the audience is introduced to couples who have been set up at the lab and first met at The Year of Making Love launch event. In the first two episodes you get a sneak peek into the dating experience of five couples as well as other couples who met at the launch but didn’t follow through with meeting up afterwards; out of the five couples, only two of them make it through to a successful relationship. There is merit in compatibility matching but on its own it doesn’t guarantee a greater chance of success than putting yourself out there and meeting people. It becomes clearly evident that perhaps the romantic notion of finding the one perfect person, isn’t what is stopping people from finding a perfect match; let’s face it, who enters a relationship thinking ‘this person may not be my only potential match’; From my own personal experience and the evidence from the show, it’s evidently clear, that people are either are too busy to meet new people, put an unrealistic amount of significance in meeting people when they go out, don’t know how to build attraction with the people they meet or a combination of all three.

Have the experts got it right? Is compatibility testing the way to go? By relying on compatibility testing are you missing out on the most fundamental aspect in meeting and dating the old fashion way, which is the opportunity to grow, change and be inspired by the people who you allow into your life along the course to finding your perfect match? Do you agree? Let me know by using the comments box below.

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