I’m super excited to announce, the very first episode of BeMotivated TV is now been released on YouTube. My goal for this channel is to help multi-passionate aspiring female entrepreneurs who dream of quitting their nine to five to live life as an entrepreneur with a successful online business by guiding them through the actionable steps to create their dream business and attract their first paying clients with ease.


This moment is special for another reason as well. Since 18 Dec 2014, I’ve been dreaming of creating a YouTube channel for my business but I haven’t taken action because I’ve been making excuses due to fear. Taking in front of a camera was a huge fear for me. I keep putting it off until I reached perfection, until that moment when I felt at ease. The interesting thing about getting better at something is that it’s hard to achieve it unless you take action and starting doing it; so that’s exactly what I did in January 2016. I recorded a vlog every day and sent my boyfriend video messages, all so I could get comfortable and improve. I finally beat my fear and pushed past my comfort zone.


This week’s episode of Be Motivated TV is about the one mistake many entrepreneurs make when they first start a business.

Many entrepreneurs make the same business mistake when they first start out in business. I guess, out of the excitement of starting something new, they dive straight into the planning phase without giving any clear thought to the type of lifestyle they want to live. As a result, years later business owners seek out coaches because they feel out of balance or they realise the life they are living is so different from what they originally imagined. I don’t want you to make this same mistake and for this reason, I recommend creating a vision for your life.


In order to create a vision for your life and business, it’s important to get clear on what it is you truly desire. As a life and business coach, my currency is asking questions. I ask questions to help my clients and audience to gain a greater understanding of who they are, what they want and identify what is holding them back. The questions I’m about to ask you are important because you will use these answers to create a clear picture of the life and business you really want. If you answer these questions honestly you will be in touch with what you truly desire.


Before you start to create your dream business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of lifestyle do you desire to create? Do you want to spend more time with your family and friends and less time at work?
  • Do you want to be location independent and travel a lot for work? or Do you prefer to work at home and only travel a few times a year for holidays?
  • Do you desire to fly first class and stay in 5-star holiday destinations, or do you prefer backpacking?
  • Do you want to work on your business full time or part time?
  • How do you desire to spend your free time?
  • How much money do you desire to make per month? Short and long-term?
  • Where do you desire to live?
  • How big a business do you desire to create? Solopreneur, a small virtual team or an office with 100 employees?
  • Do you have children? Do you want to have children? When do you want to have children?
  • What’s your business model? What are you going to sell or what services are you going to offer?


It’s perfectly normal to struggle to answer these questions, even though they seem very simple and logical. The truth is many of us live our lives on autopilot. We simply go through the motions every single day without giving any clear thought to what we really want from life.


In order to create the business of your dreams that inspire you instead of burning you out, it’s essential to get in touch with what you really want. When you are really clear about what you want, it also becomes much easier to ignore those people who say you can’t do it!


Actionable Step: I truly believe you can do this. You have what it takes to create your dream business and life. Over the next seven days, I want you to focus on answering these questions and creating a vision for your life and business.


Now, I’d love to hear from you, how did you get on with creating a vision for your life and business? What three actionable steps are you going to take this week to bring you closer to your dream? let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comments box below.

With love,


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Amelia Hay

Author + Coach at Amelia Hay International
I help multi-passionate women just like you to package, brand and market your passions so that you can create your dream business and life, find clarity, confidence, and clients, and make a difference in your world.
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