Do you struggle with perfectionism? This is something I believe that every entrepreneur struggles with at some point along their entrepreneurial journey. This is especially true when you first start out. You’re balancing a 9 to 5 job that isn’t quite 9 to 5, your personal life, and building your dream business. You have this amazing idea which you have been working on over the weekends and it’s still not ready to be released. You keep telling yourself, it’s not right, it’s not perfect. If this is something you can identify with then this week’s affirmation is just for you!


‘Done is better than perfect!’


I want you to take a few moments to repeat this mantra to yourself, at least, five times, right this very moment. The ironic thing about perfection is, it doesn’t exist. It this thing we build up in our minds as an excuse to not finish something. It comes from a place of fear, but the only way to conquer fear is to step out and take action. This battle with perfectionism isn’t something that just plagues new entrepreneurs, you can also struggle with it at any stage of your journey. We all have had those moments where we have put off great ideas in pursuit of being perfect and as a result, never actually see these ideas being released to the world.


On Monday, I launched my 5-Day Create Your Dream Business Challenge. I originally developed the idea over a month ago. I wanted it to be this epic masterpiece, an email with a fillable PDF and a daily short webinar, as I started to create the content for the email and workbooks I realised I wasn’t going to have enough time to plan the webinars and so I put it off, until I could plan the webinar, the crazy thing was, I already had a great 5-Day challenge without the webinars, so on Tuesday, 23rd February, I started to advertise my 5-Day Challenge and loaded it up into my Mailchimp email queue. My need for perfection was actually an excuse brought on by fear. The most valuable action I took was to follow through until completion and not wait for perfection and choose to wait for the results from the first time around and then improve the challenge over time. This action allowed me to build my email list, connect with my ideal clients in a more meaningful way, and help others get the results they desire.


Letting go of perfectionism and following through is not about accepting work at a low quality. It’s important to aim for high value and exceptional but understand that you will never feel that it’s good enough and that’s because you created it and you will naturally be most critical. It’s the curse of a creative. Perfectionism will actually slow you down in the long run. The next time perfectionism starts getting in the way of you following through on an idea or building your dream business I want you to repeat this week’s affirmation to yourself over and over again, at least, three to five times, ‘Done is better than perfect’. Then I want to ask yourself if it finished? Does it have a beginning, a middle, and an end? Can someone take action with the information in this? If you answered yes to any of these questions I want you to commit to putting your idea out there and pressing publish.


Actionable steps:
  • Repeat the affirmation to yourself when you starting seeing the symptoms of perfectionism.
  • Follow through on one thing that you’ve been putting off because you feel that’s it’s not perfect and feel free to share a link to this idea or project below once you have followed through.


As always, I have to ask: Is perfectionism something you struggle with regularly? Do you ever feel like perfectionism holds you back? Now, I want to hear from you. Let me know by sharing your story and thoughts in the comments box below.

With love,

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Amelia Hay

Author + Coach at Amelia Hay International
I help multi-passionate women just like you to package, brand and market your passions so that you can create your dream business and life, find clarity, confidence, and clients, and make a difference in your world.
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