US Hardback Front Cover

US Hardback Front Cover

What if I told you there was a simple, concise, no-nonsense manual on how to find, attract and keep your ideal man?  Sounds too good to be true? Well, such a book exists; it is written by the world’s leading relationship coach and love guru, Matthew Hussey.

From the very first word typed in the introduction, the Get the Guy book is launched from the very sobering platform of “love is hard.” A very clear and accurate portrait of love is etched across the canvas of the first page; just reality, a no-nonsense description of love that is devoid of happily ever afters, handsome princes and the one. The message of this book is elegantly portrayed in the proceeding paragraphs. Get the Guy isn’t just about finding a man, it’s a manual that empowers women to live the life they were born to live; a life so abundant that out of its overflow it creates opportunities to connect with many individuals from all walks of life. The author explains how he came from being an adolescent who, somehow ended up with whoever would have him and watched others get the girls they wanted, to a successful relationship coach. His knowledge comes from a mixture of personal experience and the years spent coaching men in their love lives. Hussey admits that, he is far from perfect and does make mistakes, usually as a direct result from not following his own advice. This book contains invaluable advice from the perspective of a man, along with links to videos which take the Get the Guy concepts to a more profound level. Matthew’s self-belief combined with his passion and zeal for life as well as his coaching products is highly contagious and is most likely, the key to his success and his growing popularity.

The Get the Guy philosophy divides dating into three stages: Find the Guy, Get the Guy and Keep the Guy. Find the Guy, advises contrary to Hollywood ROM-com’s, fairy tales, Disney movies and other romantic notions that our love lives should not be left to chance or fate. According to the author, there are two options; wait or create. The Get the Guy method perfectly illustrates, there is only one way to wait, and countless ways to create. You remember the tall, dark and handsome commuter that you locked eyes with on the central line last week; you waited and nothing happened. He got off at the next stop and you have not seen him on the tube since. The alternative option is to create, not too many people feel comfortable approaching a stranger to creating an engaging conversation; if you feel this way you are not alone! The key is simple, learn how to create conversations everywhere you go; Find the Guys leading principle is to talk to everyone who serves you, people around you waiting in line, to take the conversation further and to create daily rituals that encourage communicating with more guys. In theory, we are exercising our social muscles and when we do come across someone of interest we are prepared to initiate a conversation. Get the Guy, inspires women to raise their standards, understand they are a woman of high value and by cultivating certain traits, is the initial step to attracting the love they all deserve. This book divulges the psychology behind the male mind in a way that is positive and beneficial to both genders; furthermore, this understanding of the male mind along with a splash of playfulness and a touch of spontaneity accompanied by the right mindset become the key ingredients to attracting love. Get the Guy places women back in the driver’s seat of their love lives, as a consequence choosing their potential partners in a way that leaves a man thinking and feeling like, he has done something to earn her affections.

The second stage to the dating process takes us deeper in our understanding of long-lasting attraction by revealing a simple formula and exposing a few commonly held attraction based beliefs as myths and highlights the many pitfalls of current dating rules including ‘playing hard to get.’ The book gives prominence to the idea, that playing hard to get creates a cat and ball of string style game, which results in a loss of interest and enables women to attract men who enjoy playing games. The Get the Guy method establishes, there is an art to a creating a great first date furthermore, illustrates the reasons why dinner dates can be outdated and sometimes unsuccessful. According to Matthew Hussey, the key to creating a great date lies in the importance or depth of value that we place on a date. Remember the cute guy that you met at your cousin’s party, who asked you out to that dinner date; as you were preparing for the date you told yourself that he was ‘out of your league’ then accentuated your desire to not say the wrong thing. The date was a disaster, you spent the entire evening focusing on feeling nervous and saying everything right instead of discovering if there was any chemistry or finding a way to establish a connection. The author elegantly reminds his readers that the purpose of a date is for both parties to leave with an insatiable desire, fuelled by wanting more of each other instead of feeling like they have both endured an exam. Get the Guy is both informative as well as empowering; the author intelligently divulges information about the human psyche, so that both sexes understand each other and are building a relationship that fulfils both of their needs.

The third and final stage of the dating process is titled, Keep the Guy. This section reveals the secrets to a long and lasting relationship as well as the importance of showing vulnerability in the process of establishing and maintaining a strong connection. Keep the Guy does not contain a 5 step plan to make him commit, but contains a gentle reminder of the importance in always being that amazing woman he plucked up the courage to ask on the first date because it’s that woman, he wants and will commit to. The author reveals why the idea of commitment can scare a guy, and emphasises that you cannot change a guy but you can change his perception of relationships and commitment. The book takes its readers through the process of establishing whether a potential partner is Mr Right and reveals how to move on from heartbreak. Throughout the pages of the final chapters of Get the Guy, Matthew Hussey, encourages the readers to remain high value and to maintain their standards furthermore, his message is best summed up the final words on the last page.

‘Believe in your own value, and every good thing in life will follow.’

Get the Guy is not a 5 step plan to land the guy of your dreams. This resource is a logical but nonetheless empowering treasure trove of information which appeals to women from all backgrounds and encourages them to live a life that is worthy of their value, maintain high standards and accept nothing less than a love life they deserve. This book is a necessary addition for every woman’s bookshelf; whether you’re single, in a relationship or married for decades there is something in this book for everyone. The Get the Guy book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Foyles, Book World, QBD and Angus & Robertson.

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