Have you noticed how some people seem to be a natural at sales or marketing while others struggle to get noticed? One of the biggest marketing mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs is trying to appeal to everyone. This error is made out of a fear that niching down will exclude potential clients and ultimately lose money. In my last blog post, I shared the secret of creating marketing copy that converts to sales and turns casual Internet surfers into raving fans. The next step in the process of attracting your ideal client is to understand what makes consumers buy. Understanding consumer behaviour will help you to effectively market your products or services to your ideal client who is ready and wants to buy. One of the biggest misconceptions with marketing and sales is, it’s all about manipulating people into buying things they don’t need. This simply isn’t true especially if you are honest in your approach to marketing and are providing products and services that add value to the life of your ideal client.



Consumer Behaviour

The goal of Internet marketing is to change the behaviour of your ideal client from a casual surfer to an avid fan that buys your products or services. How do you change the behaviour of your ideal client? The most effective way to achieve this is to create compelling products or services that your ideal client will not be able to resist. Take a few moments to recall the last time you purchased a product or services on the Internet. What were you doing? How did you feel? What made you click that buy button? The chances are that you were looking for a solution to a problem when you stumbled across the product or service you purchased. At the start of the last quarter of 2015, I decided that I wanted to become a more powerful coach. I was no longer satisfied with my ability to coach and I wanted to have a greater impact on the lives of my clients. The only way to become a more powerful coach is to experience powerful coach, however, some of the most powerful coaches are booked up in advance and for good reason. As I was searching YouTube for demonstrations of powerful coaching I stumbled across a video that was advertising the content in EverCoach’s Master Circle Platform. This platform was exactly what I wanted. It contained full-length coaching sessions by the world’s leading coaches with notes, and an introduction explaining the content. There was no other product on the market that was quite like this. I watched the 45-minute video and immediately purchased a subscription to the Master’s Circle. This example highlights an important aspect of consumer behaviour, consumers are looking for a solution to an issue or problem they are facing whether they consciously realise it or not. To effectively market products to consumers we first need to understand where consumers are looking and what solutions they are seeking.


What is Your Ideal Client Struggling With?

In ‘The First Step to Attracting Your Ideal Client’ blog post we went through the first step in creating an ideal client profile or avatar, along with this article was an ideal client questionnaire. If you haven’t completed this questionnaire, go back and do this now. This step is crucial and forms a foundation or launch pad for this, the second part of the ideal client profile process. In the first part, we focused on identifying your ideal client. We got to know the demographics of your ideal client. We gave your ideal client a fictional name, identified their gender, age or age range, location, marital status, family, career, salary, and lifestyle or current situation. In the current situation section, we started to highlight what was going on in the life of your ideal client and started to hint at your ideal client’s fears, worries, and biggest issues. It’s now time to dig a little deeper. Go back and look at your ideal client profile and ask yourself the following question: what keeps my ideal client awake at night?


To illustrate what I mean, let’s take a look at my ideal client, Anna. Just to recap, Anna is 29 years old and lives in a big city like London or New York with her boyfriend. Anna has no children and works long hours as an executive assistant in a large blue-chip company. She is working in a job that she does not love. She is tired of not been treated fairly and cannot stand the politics of the office environment. Anna feels like she does not make a difference and feels that her job is mundane and meaningless. Anna is well organised and has the ability to work autonomously. She desires to grow and have an impact on the lives of others. She loves working with people. Anna loves the idea of the freedom that comes with running her own business. She doesn’t know where to start and doesn’t have a profitable business idea. She is also consumed with fear because of statistics that reveal a huge failure rate among Start-ups. Anna’s biggest problems are she is stuck in a job she doesn’t love, she doesn’t know how to start a business, she doesn’t know how to create a profitable business idea, she probably doesn’t understand marketing, and she is struggling with fear and most likely confidence as well. As I just illustrated from my ideal client profile, I have identified my ideal client’s top 6 problems. If you’re just starting out like I did when I created my ideal client profile then this will be a creative process and you will feel you are simply just guessing. At this stage this is what I want you to do, to guess. In the next article we will focus on conducting market research around, what consumers are looking for, the problems they are facing, and looking at the market and any apparent gaps, but, for now, ask yourself the following questions in order to become more acquainted with your ideal client’s biggest issues or problems:

What do they want out of life that they are not able to achieve for themselves?

What kind of lifestyle does your ideal client want to have?

What information do they need in order to achieve their goals?

What actionable steps are they currently avoiding?

What keeps your ideal client awake at night?

What are your ideal clients biggest fears?

What challenges is your ideal client facing?


As you go through this list of questions you will feel tempted to focus on the next few months of your ideal client’s life, try to focus on the next two years as well. This will help your business evolve with your clients, as well as creating future follow-on products or services that will keep your clients buying your products. Ask yourself the following questions in order to become more future-focused:

After your ideal client initially works with you, what new challenges will they face?

What does your ideal client what to achieve in the next 12 months?

What does your ideal client want to achieve in the next 24 months?

After your ideal client initially works with you, how will their life change? What type of support will they require?

What new fears will your ideal client face?

What information will your ideal client need to overcome their future fears and challenges?


Actionable Step: Over the next seven days go through and complete the following tasks. You don’t have to do them all at once, I recommend doing a little bit each day. Make sure you complete these tasks before going on to the next blog post.

If you have not completed the actionable items from the previous blog posts, go back and do these first:

  • Complete the Zero to Business Questionnaire, which will help you create a well thought out strategy to leave your current job with your sanity intact.
  • Complete the Profitable Online Business Idea Actionable Steps.
  • Complete the first ideal client exercise included with the blog post, The First Step to Attract Your Ideal Client.


As you go through the process you will uncover more detail about your ideal client and their problems and issues will become clearer. In the next blog post, we will focus on establishing the know, like, and trust factor with your ideal client and establish an effective marketing strategy in order to introduce you and your business, and be seen as a solution to your ideal clients biggest problem.

If you haven’t already, join my VIP List and download the Zero to Business Magazine Issue 03, and let me know what action you plan on taking today, to help you become unstuck and create a business and lifestyle of your dreams. I’d love to hear from you so leave your answers in the comments box below.

With love,

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