In a world, where we are over exposed to modern technology and everything is only a few quick clicks away, have we forgotten to bring a little mystery to our love lives? With the introduction of smartphones and a faster internet connection, we have never been more easily contactable than we are today. Long gone are the days when we were waiting by the phone for a guy to call us; instead we check our text messages, email, Facebook or twitter accounts. Modern technology certainly has many advantages however, one of the main drawbacks is the over exposure to the lives of friends, acquaintances and potential love interests; we know more information about people than ever before and we are often reading about people’s lives as opposed to engaging with them over a latte or at a party. Can this overexposure to information enable us to make judgements about people who we truly do not know and as a result, discourage us from getting to know them? 

One of the main advantages of social media is the ability to share information with a potential audience of thousands, depending upon your friends list count or privacy settings. We often share every detail of our lives from where we are, the details of our social lives and the current office gossip. This constant over-sharing encourages people to become disconnected to the outside world and as a result too available. When we consider the components of what attracts a potential love interest, visual chemistry, value and a perceived challenge; our constant exposure to technology and, in particular, social media may actually be hindering our love lives. By constantly engaging in social media, oversharing becomes innate and we  allow ourselves to become too available, this action often takes the mystery away, because everything that a love interest needs to know is already uploaded for the world to see. This overexposure doesn’t hinder our visual chemistry but, it does have a detrimental effect on our value as a potential partner as well as lowering the perception of challenge; When we take the mystery out of dating, the man at the other side of the table no longer has an incentive to get to know the amazing woman before him.

I am not saying that women should stop adding their potential love interests as friends on Facebook, but I do recommend that we think before we click and share or perhaps if you need to over share or vent, to restrict the viewers for your posts or simply speak to a trusted friend. Social media can have many benefits and if used wisely can enhance your love life; by thinking before you over share or setting up appropriate boundaries for the use of social media sites, we can bring back the mystery that our love lives need. Do you agree? Is the overuse of our social media accounts sabotaging your love lives? Let me know by using the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you.

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