I have a confession to make.


I woke up this morning and I didn’t feel like filming today’s episode of BeMotivated TV. I created a heap of excuses as to why I couldn’t film today. I was really struggling with resistance. Quite often the life of an entrepreneur is portrayed as a journey where you jump from success to success with a bank account to match; but, reality can be somewhat different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super passionate about my business but the harsh reality is, sometimes I lose focus and motivation. When most people think of doing something they love every day, most people picture blissful working days where you’re helping your dream clients achieve their dreams. No one tells you about those moments where you don’t what to do the work and you would rather stay in bed binge-watching the SacconeJolys on YouTube. For the sake of clarity, there’s something you need to know about me; I am a major procrastinator. If it can be put off until tomorrow, I’ll find a way. I’m not a natural go-getter with an amazing amount of personal drive. So, how did I go from being whiny and full of excuses to someone who pushed through a major moment of resistance?


In this week’s episode of BeMotivated TV, I discuss:
  • The steps I take to get myself focused on what I need to get done and avoid slipping back into my usual pattern of procrastination.
  • The reason why we lose focus in business,
  • An easy to implement, four-step process to push through resistance, get focused and take action.

After you’ve had a chance to watch this week’s episode of BeMotivated TV, I have an important question to ask you. Are you struggling with a lack of focus in your business? I want to hear your story. Share the actionable step you are going to take today in spite of this feeling of resistance, in the comments section below.


This is an important step in creating and growing your dream business.


You owe it to yourself to stop dreaming and start creating a profitable online business.


Remember, how you spend your time in this world matters. So don’t waste your time in a job that you do not love, start working on your dream today.


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With love,

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Amelia Hay

Author + Coach at Amelia Hay International
I help multi-passionate women just like you to package, brand and market your passions so that you can create your dream business and life, find clarity, confidence, and clients, and make a difference in your world.
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