I’ve always been the type of person to jump into things with all guns blazing, and because of this, I stopped talking about self-care because everyone was talking about it and if I’m going to be my usual brutally honest self, I’ve always found it to be a bit of a boring topic; but, this weekend it became crystal clear as to why this is such an important topic.


Roland and I spent an amazing four days (an extra long weekend) in Paris and I have to admit I wasn’t as well prepared for balancing my business and travelling as I normally would be; I was tired and in need of a break, and I had fallen behind in my content creation schedule, due to not taking time out for my greatest asset… Me!


I know these last words could come off as a tad narcissistic, but hear me out. If you don’t take time out for you, cracks start to show, and for me, the first crack shows up in my ability to manage my time and be productive, then I start to fall behind in content creation schedule, then my marketing starts to slip.


Suddenly, taking time out to practice self-care is extremely important.


Practising self-care means giving yourself time off when you’re feeling exhausted, taking regular breaks like a weekend away. It doesn’t have to be somewhere amazing, like my recent trip to Paris. It’s all about taking time out for you.


Here’s a few photo’s from our weekend away to inspire you to take time out for yourself.


Roland and I stayed in a boutique hotel called Hôtel Le Sénat, situated in the 6th arrondissement of Paris close to the Jardin du Luxembourg (the Luxembourg Gardens). We spent our Sunday morning wondering around the streets of Paris near our hotel, visited the le chat art exhibition at Le Musée en Herbe, and had macaron’s and tea at Ladurée at the avenue des Champs Elysées. On Monday, we visited the Musée Medieval De Cluny (the Medieval Museum), and we stopped by a super Parisian cafe in the 5th arrondissement for drinks. On Tuesday, we finally, after many trips to Paris managed to squeeze in a trip to Château de Versailles.
Our trip was at a leisurely pace and it was a little sad to leave, and Roland left feeling a little homesick, even after living in Paris for 14+ years.


Take care of yourself.


With love,


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