Are you an aspiring or new serviced based entrepreneur who is struggling with self-doubt?

Do you feel like your not an expert in your field and don’t have something of value to share?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above then this episode of Be Motivated TV is for you.


As an aspiring or new service-based entrepreneur, it’s quite common to feel like a fraud. This feeling usually sets in very early, especially when you first start out. One of the first things new entrepreneurs do when they start out is to look around the industry they have just chosen and they notice one or two things: The industry you just chose is crowded, and it’s crowded with entrepreneurs who have more experience and have a  similar business to you. It’s at this point you start to doubt whether you have something of value to share. If this feeling is left unchecked it spreads like a super virus to other parts of your business, you soon start to feel like you can’t get the results, and after that, you doubt whether you can really charge x amount on your programme. So, how do you stop feeling like a fraud in business and start realising your potential and believing in yourself?


In today’s unscripted edition of BeMotivated TV, I will share with you…


  • The tips I use to break myself out of feeling like a fraud and realising my potential.
  • How to recognise the symptoms of feeling like a fraud or imposter syndrome.
  • How you can start using free sessions to build your confidence as a coach or consultant.
  • The coaching framework you can use for your free coaching session to get your clients results, every time!



Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.


This is an important step to creating and growing your dream business.


You owe it to yourself to stop dreaming and start creating a profitable online business.


Remember, how you spend your time in this world matters. So don’t waste your time in a job that you do not love, start working on your dream today.


As always I have to ask, what’s one action you are going to take today to help you step into your discomfort zone? I want to hear your story. Let me know by leaving a comment below.


With love,

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Amelia Hay

Author + Coach at Amelia Hay International
I help multi-passionate women just like you to package, brand and market your passions so that you can create your dream business and life, find clarity, confidence, and clients, and make a difference in your world.
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