We spend our time creating these grand five-year plans, but we fail to achieve them. These plans are so far off in the distant future, our goals and plans fail because we do not take immediate action; if immediate action is not taken, we generally do not strive to achieve a goal. We continually put off the action we should take today until tomorrow and eventually someday. Why do we put off our goals and dreams until someday? How do you motivate yourself to take action today, instead of someday? There is power in this moment, but we rarely focus on the present moment. The power of now can help you take the focus of those five-year plans and start taking action right now.


So many people fail to live in the moment, this current moment, we are constantly preoccupied with relentlessly pursuing of our every want and rushing between priorities, trying to be all things to all people, but when we reach the end of our lives, we wish we had the courage to live a life true to ourselves, not the life others expect of ourselves.

We either chase after the goals and things that are expected or us or sometimes, we decide to set our own course. More often than not, we make the decision to put off our dreams until someday out of fear. We ambitiously set goals and grand dreams, then we pause; we take a long look at ourselves then at the grandeur of our goals, then we become paralysed with fear. We have very little faith in ourselves and fail to recognise our true potential. What should you when you become fearful and doubt yourself?

How to Turn Someday into Today

There is power in this moment, in a day, a week or a month. In fact, you can change your life in 60 days. You can have a healthier and fitter body, or a new relationship, start a new business, its possible to change your life in 60 days; I’m not being overdramatic. The action you take right now can change your tomorrow and you could be living a whole new life that does not resemble your current one. Friendships, romantic relationships, business partnerships, are all defined in a single moment. How many times do we truly focus on this present moment? We spend our time rushing to and fro between events and activities, even when we are working or goal setting, we rush through a list of things we need to do, but we have not yet achieve. Much of our time is focused upon a future that has not yet arrived.

So many people fail to achieve their goals because they make one fundamental mistake; they look at the bigger picture and crumble under the weight of the pressure to achieve and get results. How can you avoid making this mistake? Ask yourself, what do I need to do in order to achieve this goal? Create a list of all the steps required to achieve your goals. Break your goal down into manageable tasks with realistic deadlines. Focus upon the first five tasks, if you still feel overwhelmed, only focus on achieving the task ahead of you. The key is to continually chip away at the list of tasks until you achieve your goal. After all, if you’re travelling along an unlit road at night, all you see is a few meters ahead of you, very rarely to you see your destination from the start.

Successful moments from the past no matter how insignificant they may seem, are proof, that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. These moments illustrate the skills you have as well as your potential to grow and broaden your skill set. Successful moments reveal two key ingredients to achieving your goals or dreams, a plan of action and persistence to carry on in the face of difficulty. Remember your previous successes, reflect upon the actions and skills that made those moments possible and feel confident knowing that if you were successful previously, then you can successful achieve your goals this time around.

Recall to mind, three moments where you were successful in achieving a goal or completed a task that brought you closer to achieving your goal. It’s not about size or grandeur, it’s about the achievement no matter how significant it may seem. How did you feel? What skills did you need? How did you grow? How many of these skills are transferable? Record this moment in a journal along with the answers to the above questions, pull out this journal whenever you need inspiration or are in need of a confidence boost. Remember, everyone needs a confidence boost at some point in time.

We have the power to choose to live in this moment right now. This is the most powerful moment of your life the decisions you are making right now, are creating your tomorrow. It’s a little overwhelming to realise that we are creating our future and are responsible for our successes or failures; there’s no one else to blame. Choose to focus on the present and to take action today, and create a life you love.

With love,

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