Are you satisfied with your own level of achievement?

Or, do you struggle to achieve two or three goals every year and set them again for the following year?

It may come as no surprise that I am a huge advocate of setting goals. As a Life Coach, I help my clients achieve both their business and personal goals, as well as setting and achieving my own goals. One of the huge benefits of coaching is accountability which serves as a huge motivator. There’s nothing more motivating than knowing there is someone waiting for you every week to hear whether you’ve taken action towards your goals. If you fail to take action a good coach will want to understand why and help you through your roadblocks. See, hugely motivating! For maximum motivation, it’s good to share your goals with an audience. Not just any audience, one that is supportive, motivating, and down to earth but not cruel. This is why I am sharing my goals for the last quarter of 2015 with you, my supportive, motivating, and like-minded audience. 

My Current Level of Success

I want to take my goal setting to a new level and I’m no longer satisfied with my current level of achievement. I want more. I was recently inspired by a YouTube video created by Jenna Moreci, who is the author of Eve the Awakening. She shares advice on writing, her quarterly goals as well as the results on her channel. I have a confession to make. I have noticed that a few of my goals have fallen through the cracks. One of the biggest misconceptions of life coaches, is they have it all together, that simply isn’t true. Like you, I’m not immune to not achieving all of my 12-month goals, but I do know a few tips and secrets to get myself back on track. I’m a great setter of goals and have achieved a fair percentage, however, about 25% of my goals have not been achieved. Over the last few years, I have set the same two or three goals out of ten and have consistently failed to follow through to completion. I certainly don’t want to continue this habit on in the future.

Terms and Conditions

Like Jenna, I too will be sharing my goals with you right now. At the end of the final quarter of 2015, on December 29, I will share the results I achieve both the good and the bad. I will also go into detail explaining the obstacles I faced and if I succeeded to overcome them; just like a typical life coaching session. Nevertheless, it’s not just about me, I desire to foster a sense of community and provide a first-hand look at what goes on behind the scenes in order to achieve goals, and encourage my loyal audience as well as my clients.

My Goals

Goal # 1: Lose 10 pounds by 31 December through making healthy lifestyle changes which include, exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes every day and eating healthier snacks. Do you know what happens when you juggle a 9 to 5 as well as an online business, move in with your boyfriend, transition from your 9 to 5 to a life as an entrepreneur, then go to America for several weeks? An extra 10 pounds; While all of these life changes happened over the last 9 and a half months. I endeavour to seek a healthier lifestyle and do something about my weight gain while it’s manageable.

Goal # 2: Join an entrepreneur ‘meetup’ group and attend on a weekly basis by December 1, 2015. I live in London, and as fabulous as it is, one of the downsides of living here is life can get super busy. I’m often focused on travelling, going to events, and doing things with Roland and our friends; I have not taken the time to meet people like me, who are not my clients and run their own business. To document my progress, I aim to not just attend a ‘meetup’, but also take photos of the events, as proof to myself of my success.

It’s important to document the progress you make with your goals. This serves as an inspiring reminder of the things achieved in the past, for those bad days or moments of failure. It’s always good to have something on hand to inspire and motivate you to move forward and try again.

Goal # 3: Start creating and publishing content for my Youtube channel by December 29. I have to admit this one is a little embarrassing. On December 18, 2014, I set up a youtube channel but did nothing with it. I allowed my fear of speaking in front of a camera to form a massive roadblock. Speaking in front of a camera is a skill that can be acquired through time and practice. My original aim for a channel was to publish one video a week on a Thursday evening. In order to conquer my fear of speaking in front of my Nikon D3200, I will focus on creating my first video by December 2015.

Goal # 4: Edit and Publish my current non-fiction work in progress titled, ‘The SMARTER Technique’ by December 1, 2015. In 2013, I started writing a non-fiction ebook titled ‘Create A Life You Love’ and failed to complete the first draft. I put it away in favour of other projects. In 2014, I started writing a series titled Life on Track and created a short ebook for my email subscribers. In 2015 added more blog posts to the series. In April 2015, I published an ebook titled ‘100 Facts About Your Brain’. The purpose of this was to see if independent publishing was viable income stream and a way of spreading my message to a new audience, I proved to myself that if I focus my attention solely on the project I could achieve anything. While, the short signup ebook, the 100 Facts ebook, and the blog post, are small successes, I still want to publish a non-fiction book under the topic of achieving goals because it is the foundation of everything I do on my blog.

There you go these are the four goals that I will be working on this quarter. Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are your goals are for this quarter? Let me know by sharing them in the comments box below. Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting with such kindness and enthusiasm.

I look forward to sharing my results with you on December 29, 2015.

With love,

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