You’ve been clicking at that spreadsheet for hours, daydreaming of quitting your nine to five in favour of living life as an entrepreneur with a successful online business. You feel trapped in a job you do not love. You feel unappreciated and stuck in a life rut. It’s at this stage that many people make a crucial mistake. This one mistake leads them to feel stuck in a rut, again only a few years later. It’s like they’re on a permanent merry-go-round. This huge mistake is to immediately start looking for another job and to ignore the feeling of being stuck and ignore their dream of starting their own business. I’ve committed my business to help people just like you to get off this crazy merry-go-round and pursue a passionate, purposeful, and profitable online business. For this reason, I have decided to create a series of blog posts to help you go from Zero to Business.


What is Zero to Business?

Zero to Business comes in two phases: Zero to Unstuck and then from Zero to Business. It is a coaching programme and free content plan where I take my clients and readers through the process of figuring out what they are passionate about through to starting their own profitable online business and beyond. This blog post is the first of many that will be tailored to giving my audience the answers to their questions.


I believe your dream business and lifestyle is possible for you, and all you need to do is define it and start taking actionable steps towards it.


I have designed a nine-page questionnaire containing 24 questions designed to take you from ‘Zero to Business’, as well as a quit plan. This questionnaire is designed to be done on stage and not all at once like a test, so do not be tempted to rush through it. The questionnaire also has an accompanying ‘Zero to Business Checklist’, which lists all the steps that need to be taken in order to start a profitable online business. Become a VIP now, to download the questionnaire and the checklist.

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In this blog post, I will walk you through answering the first four questions from the questionnaire.


What do you really desire from life? What would give you passion and a sense of purpose?

I understand that you’re reading this because you feel stuck in life and trapped in a job you do not love. Before you dive into a search for a new career I want you to stop for a moment and consider the answers to these questions. When people become aware that they are trapped in a job they do not love the first thing they do is, search for a new job, without considering why they are stuck in the first place. I will go into detail about that in the next blog post. In order to make a satisfying career change from your nine to five to building your dream business, it’s important to define what you want out of life. The first thing I recommend doing is going to my blog post, ‘How to Figure Out What You Really Want‘ and download the wheel of life fun sheet and take a closer look at your current state of life balance. Not everyone will have the same definition of balance. Life balance does not mean having a perfect 10 in every area, and your definition of balance will change as the seasons of your life change. It’s important for you to notice the areas of your life where you want more and the areas where you are satisfied.


Now that you have completed the wheel of life fun sheet, I want you to ask yourself what do I really desire from life? Don’t limit yourself to your current circumstances, or money situation. If you had all the resources you needed what would you do with your life? If you’re stuck and are struggling to answer this question, start with the things you love. A lot of people warn against following what you love and give ridiculous examples but when you’re stuck in a life rut you need more passion in your life.


Passion and purpose are the biggest motivators. Consider what would give you passion and purpose in life? Passion and purpose bring a sense of fulfilment into your life, and when you are stuck in a life rut this is exactly what you need. It’s the missing ingredient in your life. What does a passionate life mean to you? What does living with a sense of purpose look and feel like to you? As you ponder the answer to these questions write them down in a journal or join my VIP list, now and download the companion ‘Zero to Business Questionnaire’ designed to be used with this blog post.


How will you know when you’ve got what you want? What will you see, hear and feel?

I’m going to get all life coach on you for just a second. I want you to dig a little deeper and really start to paint a picture of exactly what you want out of life. The majority of people who are stuck in a life rut look for the quickest and easiest way out, but you haven’t you’ve taken the time to clearly define what you want from life, so don’t be tempted to skip this question, it’s just as important as the first, so ask yourself; how will I know that I’ve gotten what I desire from life? How will I know when I’m living a passionate and purposeful life? Pay attention, not just to the moments, events, or things but consider what you see, hear, and feel as well. Before you write down your answers in the ‘Zero to Business Questionnaire’, I want you to dig a little deeper. Ask yourself, what else? Now that you have reflected upon these questions, write down your answers.


Why Do You Want to Quit Your Job?

I know you’re reading this right now thinking, I want to quit because I’m not happy, and I understand what that feels like, I’ve been there. It’s important to dig deeper at this stage and uncover the real reason why you feel stuck and unhappy. You need to understand why your not happy before you quit your job and pursue your dream of creating a profitable online business because there’s a good chance you will bring your unhappiness with you wherever you decide to go. Take a few moments to reflect on your time in your current job. Ask yourself, what do I love about this job? What needs to change? If I could change anything about my job what would it be? Push past your initial answers to these questions and dig a little deeper. If you’ve been stuck for quite a while, you might be tempted to answer ‘everything’ but go into specifics. When you’re looking into why you want to leave, consider both the good and the bad. This exercise should highlight what you love and don’t want in a job and will help you be more aware so you do not just jump ship into a similar role or dive into creating your dream business to realise it’s not as fulfilling as you first hoped. Write the answers down in the space provided in the Zero to Business Questionnaire.


What can I do to improve the current situation with my job?

Now that you’ve highlighted what you love and don’t love about your job, I want you to consider what you can change. What’s within your power to change? What can you do to try and make changes to the things that are out of your control? I know this seems counterintuitive, but at this stage, I simply would not recommend leaving your job to build an online business. Creating a business is hard work and it’s easier if you have a steady income stream coming in while you’re in the early setup and operational stages. Start seeing your job as an investment in your future online business. At this stage, you could get a bridge job which would pay the bills while you work on your business, but before you search it might be worthwhile to see if you can improve your current situation, but naturally the choice is yours and you need to do what’s best for you. You might want to speak to your line manager about your job, and the things you would like to change. It’s important to go to your manager with a list of potential solutions and not just a problem. For instance, you might want to suggest taking on more challenging tasks or helping a colleague who is swamped with work. Look at your current team and consider if there are any opportunities or if there is something you would like to learn more about. Write these answers down in the ‘Zero to Business Questionnaire’.


If you haven’t already, join my VIP list and download the Zero to Business Questionnaire, and let me know what action you plan on taking today, to help you become unstuck and create a business and lifestyle of your dreams? I’d love to hear from you so leave your answers in the comments box below.


Did you love this blog post and the questionnaire? Would you like me to create an accompanying audio guide to go with it? Let me know by commenting below.

With love,

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